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For his biblical counterpart, see Adam.

You've reached the Bythorne Paranormal Society, how may I help you?

Adam Murray is the deuteragonist of The Mandela Catalogue, serving as the deuteragonist of Act 1, and one of the two main protagonists in Act 2 (alongside Thatcher Davis).

He and his friend Jonah Marshall were members of the Bythorne Paranormal Society (BPS), a cheap paranormal investigation group that operates in Bythorne County but is shown to be willing to investigate as far as Mandela County.

Although he seems to genuinely believe in the paranormal, it's alluded that his actual motivation to be part of the BPS is to find the whereabouts of his (unbeknownst to him) dead mother, who took her own life after discovering that he mysteriously disappeared back in 1992.


Adam is a fair-skinned male with fluffy, blonde and brown hair. He is seen wearing a black hoodie with the Bythorne Paranormal Society logo on its back, and “BPS” on the front on the upper left side. Adam has also been seen without his hoodie and also with the left side of his face melted with his left eye missing and his jaw enlongated, showing all of his bottom gum.

Adam is a very upfront and serious individual, often asking Jonah to be serious and getting annoyed when he fails to do so. Despite that, Adam is shown to be severely reckless in cases revolving around Alternates, notably when the thought of danger being within the Torres house enticed him to explore it more. He has also been shown to be impatient and crabby.

Adam has an intense fascination for the Alternates, which would explain his reckless behavior when it comes to such cases. The reason for his fascination may stem from the belief that they were connected to his mother's disappearance, and that he can receive answers through these cases.


Adam is shown to be careless in regards to how others feel, and can be very oblivious to their discomfort (As demonstrated in his first investigation with Sarah). These traits only become more amplified as of Vol. 4, where he has seemingly become very hostile and unfriendly. He even goes on to express his lack of care for Jonah when Sarah gets confrontational with him about his death, and Adam's lack of emotion surrounding it.

His personality may have changed to how it is now as a result of MAD, as Evelin stated that Adam used to be a nice and loving boyfriend, however after he started investigating with Jonah, he began to emotionally abuse her by inflicting her with Metaphysical Awareness Disorder.

When The Intruder reveals the horrible truth to Adam in Vol. 4 that "you aren't the real you," Adam's stability seems to decline rapidly, as in the events of mandela catalyst he is found screaming for Thatcher Davis to kill him.

In the aftermath of Vol. 2, it has been slowly revealed that the “friendship” between Adam and Jonah was one-sided and Adam secretly had feelings of hatred towards Jonah. Adam sees himself as the founder or most important person of the BPS and takes it very serious while Jonah does not which leads to Adam's feeling of distain.


Intruder Alert

Adam's first "appearance" is in Intruder Alert, where depictions of his kidnapping and Lynn's suicide are illustrated in the PSA after the Intruder takes over the signal. A distorted version of Ave Maria by Castrato singer Alessandro Moreschi plays in the background as this is happening.

The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 2

The FBI had warranted Jonah and Adam's arrest. Throughout Volume 2, it is heavily implied that this warrant hadn't just been caused due to being associated with the possibly criminal-in-nature Bythorne Paranormal Society, but also for breaking and entering a USDTP building and stealing technology from there, thus breaking the Television and Mirror Destruction Order.

Adam, introduced as Victim 3, receives a phone call from an unnamed woman, claiming to hear the sounds of her dead cat Jonny. When his friend, Jonah, proposes it as a cat alternate, Adam quickly shushes him, only for the woman to say she doesn't believe it to be an alternate, and that only his spirit roams the house and asks if the two can help him pass on, to which they agree after the promise of $500 a night for three nights.

After packing their stuff into their car trunk, the car fails to start. The two go over their options, either fix the car or steal "another one". Adam attempts to fix their car before they simply decide to steal a car.

On their way, Adam and Jonah have small talk. Jonah puts doubt into the existence of alternates and the banning of screens and mirrors, saying he doubts that "that guy's face could appear" on their GPS.

Upon arrival, Adam goes into the house alone in an attempt to contact "Jonny" to no avail. Adam ends the night after only finding a single locked door.

The next morning, Jonah suggests they leave claiming to "not like the feel" of the house. Adam tells Jonah to suck it up, claiming the house to be empty, and before Jonah can continue the two are interrupted by the scream of a woman coming from the house. Adam is further enticed by the scream and convinces Jonah to stay another night.

During the second night, strange happenings occur such as Jonah's voice coming from Adam's receiver repeatedly shouting "OH MY GOD, BEHIND YOU", which Adam is ironically undisturbed by. At some point, a voice interrupts them both, claiming to be watching them. As the two try to figure out what's happening, the scene cuts to a clip of the Beginners Bible, where Eve convinces Adam to take a bite from the forbidden fruit. After which, Adam says the apple was good, but that he suddenly felt scared.

The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 333

Throughout this episode, Adam’s backstory and family is expanded upon. It is revealed that his parents divorced, leaving Lynn to care for him most of the time. The phone conversation between Lynn and Jude suggests that Adam was having unusually consistent patterns of crying for quite some time, which had left them both in confusion. During the phone conversation, Jude demonstrates hopelessness regarding Adam's odd behavior, and frustratingly suggests that Adam’s crying could just be from an “imaginary friend”, much to Lynn's confusion.

Later on, Adam gets kidnapped (As depicted in Intruder Alert), leading to his mother committing suicide. it is possible that Adam unknowingly created an alternate in his family’s house after watching “The Might of the Subconscious”.

The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 4

We get a look into the origins of the Bythorne Paranormal Society, being traced back to June 11th, 2007 (During which BPS was a school club at the time). At some point, Adam sends an email to her, conveying that he also has an interest in the paranormal, along with prior experience. He was sworn in on July 10th as the co-founder of BPS.

A few nights later, Adam takes Sarah to the crime scene of an abandoned home in Mandela to record footage of the paranormal. Afterwards, Sarah is left distraught from what took place, in contrast to Adam's excitement over the footage. Sarah suggests that Adam will need someone else to record future investigations with, as she was not willing to participate in doing so anymore.

By present time, his attitude and personality are vastly different from Volume 2. He demonstrates himself being far more self-centered and having a huge disregard for his peers (Including Jonah), and doesn’t seem to care about anything but the footage he collected. He gets into an argument over Jonah’s death with Sarah, who scolds him for his carelessness and tells him to make a memorial video for Jonah. Adam proceeds to hang up on her mid-sentence, prompting her to spite him regarding he and Evelin's breakup.

Near the mid-way point, another conversation between Adam and Sarah takes place regarding the memorial video. Adam initially sends a half-baked video, claiming afterwards he just sent the wrong file. This almost prompts Sarah to confront him regarding his personality change, before he sends the real video file. The file turns out to be horrifically corrupted, notably featuring an audio recording of Evelin's MCPD statement regarding Adam, alongside footage of Jonah succumbing in the moments before his death.

Near the end, Adam is contacted by what was presumed to be a Spam message, which ended up being 6. Although he dismisses the message at first (Even trying to reply with "fuck off"), 6 still manages to forcefully speak to him through video. During the consultation, 6 asks him if he remembers the night of his disappearance. 6 proceeds to give Adam a huge revelation about himself, stating that his skin is "not his own" and that he's "not the real him". 6 gets cut-off by a voicemail from Sarah, who had finally decided to confront him on his strange behavior (And the video). After questioning who he's talking to, she adjures him to call her back.

Mandela Catalyst

In the middle of a conversation between Sarah and Evelin regarding Adam and his behavior (In the apparent aftermath of Vol. 4), the video cuts to an interaction between Adam and Evelin with the name "". In this interaction, Adam tells Evelin to come closer to her doorway in order to show her something, much to her concern. (what is presumably) A police broadcast proceeds to play, as Evelin's lamp turns on, revealing the Preacher in her doorway. Evelin, distressed by this point, asks who it is, with no response. Her lamp turns on and off a few more times, before it cuts to the leaked Bythorne Hospital camera audio.

Near the end of the video, Thatcher is seen walking around Adam's home, entering his bedroom to find him sitting back against his nightstand. According to the date, this has been recorded at the 16th of January 2009, 3 days after the death of Jonah (as shown in Adam's video in Vol. 4), where the events of Vol. 2 seem to have occurred. Thatcher proceeds to drop the camera on the floor as screaming is heard, which seems to be coming from Adam due to the almost in-sync mouth movement. As the camera is lying on the floor, he can be heard crying/scared, whispering "fucking kill me, please fucking kill me, please there is someone-" before continuing to scream. Adam is seen making abnormal facial gestures, with his pupils glowing white and mouth elongating. The reason why Adam is screaming is due to his bones breaking (according to Ty himself), which explains why he sits mostly motionless on the ground.

While Adam is screaming, several negative pictures of him with the caption "Suspect Identified" scroll down as the sound glitches. In the end, a corrupted version of the smiley face from the "Toddler Stress Assessment" video (in the remade Vol. 1) is shown while Adam is screaming for help, then the video ends.


A few hours later after Thatcher found Adam, both are sitting in what looks like an interrogation room. Adam says that he knows what Thatcher wants and is trying to do and that he’s not afraid of Thatcher. Thatcher replies that he doesn’t want him to be afraid, that he doesn’t care about Adam’s warrant, and to just tell him what happened. Adam responds that he started a group with a girl from another school, but she lost interest, so Adam had to find a replacement, but said that "he hated him" (possibly referring to Jonah). He told Thatcher that they recently got an appointment from the woman and that he and Jonah went through “her house”. Adam is later then being shown distorted before saying that he talked to someone, Thatcher asks if he can describe the person with Adam replying that he can’t and he believes that this is all his fault, Thatcher later asks what is his fault on which he responds that it’s Jonah and that he isn’t surprised at all as he knew that would happen, and that "he" told him that it would happen, Thatcher asks Adam who told him, to which Adam raises his head at him and replies: "God".

BPS Website

On the Murray Diary link, Adam writes about him joining the BPS and having the BPS first alternate investigation and how Sarah as seen in Vol.4, quits on-site investigations to Adam's disapproval (Entries on July 10th and 15th 2007). Adam later writes about him finding a new on-site investigator teammate who Adam states he intensely hates this Sarah replacement, assumed to be Jonah Marshall (Entry on July 17th 2007). Adam writes about having an out of body experience/sleep paralysis when he was sleeping in his bed where he saw "The Man in the Corner" (referring to The Preacher or more than likely, The Intruder) approaching his paralyzed body before assumingly waking up (Entry on August 14th 2008). Adam writes about the events of Volume 2 up to when Adam went to sleep and was spoken to by The Preacher such as them driving to Mandela County about an Unnamed Woman's deceased cat, Jonah being annoying to him, and hearing a scream inside the house. (Entry somewhere around January 11 to 12th 2009 Adam writes about him being woken up again with sounds of pained yelps of an animal that seemed to repeat the same cry of anguish from outside his window that he later realized was coming from the BPS van. The cries of pain to Adam seem to be of Jonah's being played from the car speaker which makes Adam finally start to feel empathy for Jonah's death which he never cared for before. We are also shown three drawings Adam Murray did himself, one of The Preacher already shown in Vol. 4, a drawing of what is likely 6, and the final drawing being Archangel Gabriel. The Preacher drawing had a time written on it of 12:33AM. The other two have no writing but the filenames correspond to a date. 6 has the filename: IMG_JAN0933333333333333.png, and Archangel Gabriel has the filename: IMG_JAN095563.png. Adam writes (on the same day) about encountering The Intruder again and claims that the truth has been revealed and the God has spoken to him, if we highlight the full blocks, we will see the text reading "ITHURTSSOMUCH" repeatedly (Entries on Janurary 15th 2009 which puts it 2 days after the events of Volume 2 and the death of Jonah and a day before the events of Catalyst and Presto.)

The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 5

Adam’s only appearance in this episode was in the form of baby pictures with his parents. He was also mentioned by Dr. Williamson, Jude’s psychiatrist.


  • Some infer that Adam's similarities with the Preacher in the final scene of Mandela Catalyst may signify a connection between the two, some even claim that they're one and the same. Though on the AlexKaizo tweeted that this theory was infact wrong and the tweet was reposted by Alex Kister
  • The Intruder refers to Adam as two separate people in his speech at the end of Volume 4; "Him", the baby he snatched in 1992 who is referred solely by pronouns, and "Murray", the Adam we follow throughout the series. The implications of this particular usage of grammar may indicate that the original Adam Murray died in 1992, and that we are indeed following a "copy" of him.
  • It is theorized that Adam's bones are breaking as his "Alternate Form" starts to activate as his actor confirmed it during a live stream.. so not much of a theory though as shown in Presto, a lot more than just bone breaking was going on during that scene.
  • It is still unconfirmed if the real Adam Murray is still out there, or has been dead since 6 took him away.


  • The character of Adam takes heavy inspiration from the biblical figure of the same name. In the bible, Adam reluctantly eats the forbidden fruit growing in the Garden of Eden, in comparison to Adam Murray who, against better judgment, enters the basement.
  • He is one of the 3% survivors of Metaphysical Awareness Disorder.
    • This however, may be due to him being an Alternate
  • Alex Kister has stated that Adam is important (to the point of being a main character) on his Instagram stories.
  • In Volume 4, Adam’s birthdate is revealed to be January 18th, 1988, seen on his parents’ divorce paperwork from the MCPD archives.
  • According to a voicemail to Sarah in 2007, Adam attended Werksha High School, but grew up in Mandela County.
  • In his first debut, many people thought his hair was dark brown or black.
  • His name was originally going to be Steven, while Jonah was going to be named Paul.
  • Ty, the Actor of Adam, has confirmed that the person walking around Adam's home is in fact Thatcher. Quote: "...he (Alex) wanted to make their (Thatcher and Adam's) first interaction kinda stick in people's brains..."
  • Adam was said to be infant in 1992, but given that he was born in 1988.
    • Infants are 1 year olds and Adam would mathematically be 4 years old in 1992 and in Vol. 4's length time, he would be 20 years old.
  • Adam has previously (or currently) lived in Werksha County, Wisconsin.
  • There is an scrapped idea from Mandela catalyst uploaded by Thorne Baker in which we can see Adam stand up and thatcher keeps him behind with a cross.